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Landscape Design

Installing a new landscape is one of the best property improvements that you can work on. Since this project may involve a considerable amount of money and requires major changes in your outdoor space, it is important to make a sensible plan. You need to weigh your options, come up with excellent ideas, and evaluate the possible results of your project. These concerns must be fully discussed with your designer during the landscape design phase. Read more about Landscape Design »

Snow Removal

A heavy snow buildup during winter can limit your movement outside and make your landscape look rather dreary. If you are a business owner, this can cause a temporary shutdown of your business operation. While a snowstorm is a common scenario in New Jersey, you can adopt measures that will mitigate the effects of snow and ice on your property. One of your options is to hire a reliable snow removal company to handle the snow management task. Read more about Snow Removal »

Landscape Maintenance

Are you tired of spending all of your free time out in the yard doing all sorts of maintenance tasks like mowing, weeding, pruning, trimming and watering? Well how about leaving all of this to a professional landscape maintenance company like us here at Wilson Bros and you going out and doing the things that you really enjoy? Read more about Landscape Maintenance »

Outdoor Kitchens

Have you ever thought about installing an outdoor kitchen? Well don’t hesitate any longer. There are so many great things about having an outdoor kitchen and they include things like being able to cook outside where all the action is, instead of being stuck inside while everyone is having fun outside! Read more about Outdoor Kitchens »

Retaining Walls

In this article we will be talking about ‘retaining walls’. They can be a very complicated install for a DIY enthusiast as there are many standards and codes that need to be adhered too. That is why it is a good idea to get the services f an experienced retaining wall company like us here at Wilson Bros. Landscaping, Inc. you will be guaranteed to have a wall that is aesthetically appealing as well as durable and sturdy! Read more about Retaining Walls »

Brick Pavers

There is no doubt that bricks have been used for centuries in the building industry because they are extremely durable. And that goes for brick pavers as well. Brick is a man-made product that is produced to be very string, versatile and aesthetically pleasing. We can use brick pavers for your next patio, driveway or walkway project! Read more about Brick Pavers »

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